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Livestock Promotion

Diya Foundation has successfully created a low-cost shed concept to enhance the health and hygiene of livestock. It also periodically trains livestock rearers on better methods of practise. Total 1200 families adopted the model inrearing livestock’si.e. Piggery, Goattery, Poultry, and Duckery have adopted the models and are now earning an additional income of Rs. 50,000–70,000 per year. These small livestock’s are the ATM’s for marginal families. Explore More

Horticulture Promotion

Diya Foundation promotes the intensive agriculture practise known as horticulture. The arecanut, banana, lemon, and pineapple are the crops grown in this domain. The horticulture plantation is primarily practised in the homestead land and intercropped with spices and sericulture. 2500 homes in all effectively embraced this technique. And a total of 300 farmers transformed into forward-thinking cultivators of commercial crops like bananas, arecanut, and lemons. In addition, 500 of them interplant spices like ginger, turmeric, black pepper, and others in their horticulture plantations. Explore More

Spice Promotion

Among the homes impacted by wild elephants and other animals, Diya Foundation has been promoting spices in order to regain the loose incurred in their primary crop i.e. paddy. Black pepper, ginger, and turmeric are some of the spices that 3500 homes have adopted. Black pepper and arecanut are combined with the cultivation of spices in the homestead crop area. That has been one of the household’s primary sources of revenue. Today the intervention has been wild spread and adopted. The program has been successfully institutionalised and are in the verse of creating a spice market in the area by setting up mini spice processing unit. Explore More 


In the Rani, Chayani, and Chhaygaon Dev. Block of Kamrup Rural, Assam, the Rabha tribal people practises sericulture rearing as one of its excellent practises. A total of 650 households raise sericulture throughout the year, generating an additional monthly income of between Rs. 3500 and Rs. 4000. Diya Foundation has been working to promote sericulture within the community by offering effective training in rearing techniques as well as sporadic equipment and accessory support required in rearing and reeling. Through this effort the value chain of sericulture is developed and institutionalised. Explore More

Decentralized Renewable Energy

Renewable energy has been playing an important role into the lives of small entrepreneurs situated in the remote part of Assam and Meghalaya. Energy supply in this part is erratic and therefore due to lack of constant energy flow small entrepreneurs’ income remain inconsistence. Through this program Diya Foundation could support 350 small entrepreneurs into the field of Tailoring, Eri Spinning, Farming, Poultry rearing, small petty shop business etc.This intervention also could break the barriers and conceptual clarity among the community that “Solar energy could solve energy problems and gaps that hampering their livelihood”. Explore More

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